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Dear Investigative Journalists,

I have been working on child protection and fatality awareness in Eau Claire Wisconsin going on now twenty years. I, with the help of a fearless former lawmaker, were able to draft a comprehensive child protection bill here in Wisconsin that became law back in 2005 known as the Stephen Hubbard Bill.

The Discoveries: 

I believe the reason children across the nation stand at the edge of fatality is due to lucrative Federal entitlement incentives and matches for county budgets. (Social Security Title IV-B and Title IV-D)

I believe there is a concerted effort to usurp (rig) child custody cases for Federal matches and incentives payments for county budgets that leave/force children to remain in households, where even District Attorney’s know there is a high probability of child neglect, abuse and/or fatality.

Let me provide a few facts on why I believe a child's safety becomes compromised in the name of Federal entitlements and incentive matches for county agencies.

A child custody action is initiated in a two-part family divorce case asset/custody.

In the State of Wisconsin 767.24 clearly states there is a presumption of 50/50 in child custody cases.

What I discovered in my effort to create comprehensive child protection legislation was a document called ("Standard Policy On Periods of Physical Placement") meant to knowingly rig child custody outcomes to maximize and sustain Federal entitlement matches, incentives and estimates until a child's 18th birthday for county budgets.

Eau Claire Counties "Standard Policy On Periods of Physical Placement" creates every other week mandate without due process against an every-other-weekend non-custodial unimpeachable biological parent. (I believe this is now a trend being used against career moms here in Wisconsin who want 50/50 placement to help support their upward mobility goals).

A theory or the facts...You decide.

Parents come to terms that the marriage is irreconcilable. Mom hires a divorce/child custody attorney and dad represents himself Pro-Se.

What the unimpeachable parent doesn't realizes is that there is a clear disadvantage on a monumental scale that is extremely unconstitutional ("Standard Policy On Periods of Physical Placement"). What both parents are unaware that the child custody hearing has an in-concert predetermined outcome of every other weekend helped along by paid child psychologist and guardian ad litem to maximize Social Security Title IV-B and Title IV-D matches and incentives for county budgets.

Having a G.A.L attorney who is not only a private practice attorney, but is also seated as the County Budget and Finance Board Chair and/or as a sit-in as Family Court Commissioner creates an undeniable Quid Pro Quo and abuse of power precedent. 

Here is where I believe my theory becomes more than a reality for many Wisconsin children standing at the edge of fatality at the hands of non-bio. significant other (Mom's bad boy boyfriend).

The custodial parent becomes primary physical placement and receives a score of public assistance that triggers Federal matches and incentives for county budgets and the unimpeachable non-custodial parent receives a child support order that also triggers Federal matches and incentives as well as rewarding individual county child support agents on performance in “creating” long term child support orders while using Wisconsin’s Child Support Incentives DCF-153 as concealed leverage. DCF-153 is the in-concert invisible road blocks used by counties on many unimpeachable biological parents trying to protect their children.

Ask yourself this question using the example provided above... If a Wisconsin child was removed from an abusive custodial parent and the non-biological significant other (The bad boy boyfriend) due to in-concert child abuse and/or negligent and placed with the unimpeachable loving non-custodial parent, what would happen to potentially eighteen years of Federal funding, incentives, matches, kickbacks, self-dealings and revenue estimates for county agencies, initially rigged by the ("Standard Policy On Periods of Physical Placement")?

It would all disappear in an instant, because unimpeachable loving parents historically won’t ask for public assistance and/or child support they just want to move on to protect and love their child/children.

The Solution:

I believe exposing the legislating from the bench and the rigging of child custody cases could start a new child protection conversation. Revisiting and updating Wisconsin's Stephen Hubbard Bill ( Act 101 2005) would provide unimpeachable biological parents the ability to protect their children from neglect, abuse or fatality. In all my research it seems counties have been more interest in protecting payrolls, benefits, incentives, matches, self dealing and kickbacks than protecting Wisconsin Children standing at the edge of fatality.

The national media needs to investigate my efforts above as well as why mandatory reporters like district attorneys, school superintendents, law enforcement, physicians and others know the circumstance of a child's home environment and the abuse and neglect they are enduring and do nothing unless its attached to taxpayer funding rewards.

Through It All:

Our family and the above mentioned lawmaker paid a heavy price for going to Madison Wisconsin to write the Stephen Hubbard child protection bill and exposing years (1998-Present) of in-concert collusion, fraud, waste and abuse. Our family lost nearly a million dollars and our ability to do commerce fluidly due to suspect county Quid (The Value) Pro (Corrupt Intent) Quo (The Official Act), conflicts of interest, self-dealing, abuse of power as well as “evidence-based” in-concert tortuous retaliation and intimidation by multiple Eau Claire County, City and State agencies against our family, children and businesses. We have not yet recovered what was taken away financially, but we did get one of the most comprehensive child protection bills passed in Wisconsin.

Thank you for taking the time to here our story!

www.childrenandfamilies.co (co)

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Whistle blowing on a rigged system is not a crime it's our duty