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The Silence Of Child Abuse 
The present writer has written & proposed Family Law & child protection legislation in Madison Wisconsin. He has addressed to Madison lawmakers on how entitlement funding and poverty coaching is compromising child protective services as well as family laws role in silencing child abuse neglect and fatalities
The passion for exposing child abuse, neglect and fatality cover-ups came from the discovery of physical abuse and fatalities within my own county by significant others. Right around this same time a child fatality in St. Croix WI drew my attention. 

Stephen Hubbard of St Croix was killed by his mothers boyfriend. Like many young children of abuse standing at the edge of fatality, they stand in silence. Compelled to raise awareness of significant other abuse I went to Madison to help write a comprehensive child protection bill.
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After years of research, I discovered a phenomenon. The "gaming" of  Family law  meant to trigger federal incentives and matches by stripping due process though Physical Placement Orders and the manipulation of child support   orders meant to block safe non-custodial parents.

After the county discovered these improprieties were discovered and the implication of the recently passed child protection bill on county budgets, the county and a former Justice used judicial maneuvers to boldly intimidate our family. Thanks to a judicial clerk's note taking, we were able to confirm the Justice's intent to break our family and businesses financially to cover up the discoveries and squash any future efforts in exposing any self dealings.

As time goes on the multi-agency intimidation efforts to hurt our family continues, even though family law attorneys, social workers, housing authority, county budget/finance, retired law enforcement & evidence based research confirm the findings.

Our hope is to encourage healthy debates over these discoveries for the hundreds of children and families impacted and how to make them financially and emotionally whole again.. The only response thus far has come from a string of expedited retirements.
 Exposing The Darker Side Of Child Abuse 
1999 to Present
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Meyer .vs Teasdale - The CSA Reprimand
Our family wants to thank those in Eau Claire and Wisconsin that helped support our effort in protecting Wisconsin children from abuse, fatality and corruption over fourteen years.

Many in Eau Claire and surrounding areas have known that I have had interest since 2006 to run for state senate. It has been well know from law enforcement to political parties, that it was just a matter of time. The time for me was to be 2014. 

As you may have read above " The Standard Policy On Periods Of Physical Placement" (SPOPP) was going to be the foundation of my campaign in exposing fraud, waste,abuse and federal funding fraud. Everything was in place from our evidence based journalism, digital media, domain names, sign making to website building.

On 2/4//2014 our family was visited by local law enforcement late in the evening. I was forced to fill out a police report regarding a document that had the (SPOPP) on it. This document was the foundation of my campaign platforms. I knew instantly this was political and an effort to stop a run for state senate. (This document was part of my campaign material and was from a fall of 2013 visit to Fedex copy center)

I truly believe the in-concert effort to obtain campaign information could not have happened without the blessing of the D.A's office, Law Enforcement and the County Attorney.  If this was an attempt to prevent a state senate run... It Worked. You scared the hell out of my wife and children that night and for the last nine months while weaving in and out of our lives and our clients. Additionally you hurt us financially but not our resolve!

The positive take away is (SPOPP) has been exposed and they now are fully aware of the corruption and case rigging behind it. Its now time for the Eau Claire county D.A to call for a civil rights probe from D.O.J in Washington D.C
Recently we were visited regarding the Standard Policy On Periods Physical Placement (SPOPP) discovery. The "Holy Grail" of my work and its associated retaliations. In all fairness to the messenger, He had no clue what was in his hands or how it's precedent "has"/ have impacted 100's of innocent children of a abuse. For now we have "temporarily" Silenced /Suspended exhibit access due to our previous  intimidation experiences. Thank You For Your Understanding! 2/5/2014
Evidence Based Investigative Research
Update: 10-21-2014
Whistle blowing on a rigged system is not a crime it's our duty
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