Eau Claire Family Law
Eau Claire Family Law
Eau Claire Family Law
Evidence Based Research

  • Have Eau Claire County Agencies Covered-Up Child Abuse, Neglect Fatalities And Assaults?
  • Are Counties Hiring Private Investigators To Target/Intimidate Whistle Blowers & Journalists To Cover-Up/Suppress Evidence Base Corruption, Abuse Of Power Through Creative Reporting To Protect Financial, Political & Election Gains?
  • Is The PERIODS ON PHYSICAL PLACEMENT the long standing war on Wisconsin moms, dads, children & families?
  • Is the Meyer vs. Teasdale appellate ruling the primer for a Federal probe into the patterns and practices of PERIODS ON PHYSICAL PLACEMENT?
  • Is it time for the local D.A to call on Molly Moran of the federal civil rights division?
  •  Have private sector psychologist made "false claims" in child custody studies?
  • Have Child Support agencies manipulated custodial & none custodial designation to trigger funding?
  • Has family law weaponized public court records with vague & misleading entries to silence loving parents for trying to protect their children?
  • Have private practices profited from and Colluding with public officials that are striping due process?

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Eau Claire Family Law
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Video on how family law rigs cases.
Dr Drew On CNN Live 1-7-14 
Click Here To See Video
We want to thank everyone who courageously stepped up to bring light to these issues from 1999 to 2010.
Old school paper trail investigative research still works!

We are no longer researching these issues. 
This site is now only for reference. 

Judging From Hidden Camera - CBS 48hrs
D.A sends Judge to prison for gaming one family case.
Click Here To See Video
Whistle blowing on a rigged system is not a crime it's our duty