The Root Cause Of Eau Claire Child Abuse

The mission for exposing child abuse, neglect and fatality cover-ups came from the discovery of physical abuse, neglect and fatalities cases within my own county around the same time a child fatality in St. Croix WI drew my attention. 

Stephen Hubbard of St Croix was killed on December 20th, 2004 by his mother’s boyfriend. Kevin Rood. Like many young children of abuse standing at the edge of fatality, they stand in silence. Compelled to raise awareness of significant other abuse I went to Madison to help write a comprehensive child protection bill. 767.45(5m) b and 767.41(5) (am)12m

After years of research, I discovered a phenomenon. in Eau Claire County. The "gaming" of Family law, more specifically. known as The Standard Policy on Periods of Physical Placement meant to trigger federal incentives and matches by stripping due process though physical placement orders and the manipulation of child support orders meant to block safe non-custodial parents.

 At what point will our Governor address this very important public corruption issue?
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Everything is relative to the state and strength of the family
For those in our community who have asked the question... Why didn't you go to law enforcement with your findings? We did on several occasions in detail only to learn of a longstanding brotherhood between law enforcement agencies that goes way back.  What did our Family experience after bringing the findings forward...  The Wilkie/Sargeant retribution model .
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The evidenced-based letter to the Eau Claire County Sheriff 
regarding the rigging of family cases fell on deaf ears.How many children fell into the hands of perpetrators from case rigging?

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The use of multiple agencies to inflict political retaliation under (The Color of Law) is how the case rigging and crimes against children is kept silent.

What's been uncovered within this site makes the Larry Lokken and Kay Onarheim scandal look like bench warmers on a t-ball team by comparison.
Evidence Based Research Material
In order for a WI county to trigger mass amounts of Federal Funding you need in-concert agency Quid Pro Quo.
The Branch Five "Standard Policy on Periods of Physical Placement" is much more then that. If you assemble the following steps below it reveals a bigger agenda. Federal Funding incentives and matches that force children to remain in households where their is a high probability of abuse, neglect and or fatality.

Step 1. Implement "Standard Policy on Periods of Physical Placement"
Step 2. Trigger Social Security Act Title IV-B
Step 3. Implement Wisconsin DCF-153
Step 4. Trigger  Social Security Act Title IV-D
Step 5. Ignore Appellate Court Rule -  Meyer vs Teasdale Memo From WI DCFS 09-36 11-11-2009
Step 6. Block the 1st, 4th, 5th, 6th and 8th amendments using "Standard Policy on Periods of Physical Placement".
*What additionally isn't being talked about... The two decades of unconstitutional commitment orders and the millions of dollars in Federal and state tax intercept fraud  by WI CSA as well as DCF-153 incentive fraud B by WI Child Support agencies.
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